Saturday, April 28, 2012

Whereupon I Return to the Barbarian Bazaar

The Barbarian Bazaar is a real place, located within Sugurman's Indoor Fleamarket in Dickson City, PA.  (about 15 minutes from Carbondale and maybe the same from Scranton).  I've stepped in before, way back in October of 2010, but in recent visits I don't believe it was open.  Today, it was open and much larger than the previous time.

It's hard to explain the type of shop, but I'll try.  It's like a sci-fi / fantasy fan's dream store, if one were to own and run it themselves.  Pewter pieces, replicas, paperback books, comics, movies, old video games, dice bags, collectibles, RPGs, the list goes on.  There is a hell of a lot of stuff I wanted to take home with me.  It wasn't that the prices weren't reasonable - they were.  I just don't have the room at the moment.

While I was there, the owner was running a game of Tunnels & Trolls while his wife minded the business side.  Tunnels & Trolls.  Can you get more Old School than that?

My wife even found a few things to purchase.

As for me, I bought a copy Hero Wars, the Robins Laws Glorantha RPG from 2000.  For $10 bucks it was well worth my money.  I got to talk to the owner about a few of the other games on the shelves, at which point we talked briefly about T&T and how easy a system it was to introduce players to the hobby with.

On the ride home, my son suggested that next time we get out there, I should take some pics and interview the owner and his wife for the blog.  I may just do that.  Only problem is my training is interrogations, not interviews ;)

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