Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Grumpy Dwarf Thinks Grumpy Thoughts

I always figured that by turning many of my D&D 5e posts "Up to Eleven", most readers would see it as a persona that I wore for these posts specifically.  Don't get me wrong.  The direction I perceive D&D 5e heading in is not one I want my favorite RPG heading in.  Everything I've written is my thoughts, fears, frustrations and more.  I just made them a heck of a lot more interesting to read.

Seems some folks feel I have been taking the issue too hard.  That I read too much, or too little into the postings at the WotC site.  That I need to stop picking on the fine folks over at Wizards and the "magical" RPG they are producing.  I need to go back to happy land.  So, on that note, Erik Tenkar is bowing out of the DnD 5e hoopla.

The Grumpy Dwarf is going to take my place.

Yep, Grumpy will be doing all of the D&D 5e posts in the future.  He may as well, as he did most of the previous ones - he just never took credit for them.  Now he will.

As for me, Erik Tenkar, I'll go back to posting my usual stuff - Games From the Basement, Reviews, updates on my upcoming ACKS campaign, occasional videos - you know, the boring stuff that shouldn't put anyone's panties in a bind.

Grumpy gets the angry, frustrated, WTF are they doing!?! to my favorite game posts.

Go Grumpy!  ;)


  1. ahem!

    The Disney Corporation would like to speak to you.

    At least you didn't violate the Tolkien IP...

    WOTC better invest in some shin-guards.

    I, however, will go pop some corn; I don't have a dwarf in this tossing contest...

  2. He a dwarf and he's grumpy. most dwarves are grumpy anyway ;)

  3. He's on my Coffee Mug, those pesky dwarves get around.

  4. Don't worry about it, just do your think. Ienjoy reading your 5e posts.


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