Sunday, April 22, 2012

Games From the Basement - DC Heroes

Ashly has a little Darkseid
in her, like most cats

I've mentioned before on this blog that I'm not a big player of "supers" RPGs.  That being said, I was one hell of a DC fanboy from Junior High School right through College.  Which meant I had to pick up the DC Heroes RPG when it came out.

This is a heavy box.  It is literally stuffed.  When I grabbed the game box off the shelf, I figured I must have stuffed some additional supplements into the box, but no, it was all that was listed on the back of the box. I'm amazed that it shipped with a GM Screen, as that's usually the first add on that they try to hit you with (at least back then).

As far as I can recall, we never played this.  I think I was the only DC junkie in the group.  I know we played Marvel Super Heroes on occasion, but I never ran the games, as I never owned it.


  1. Pretty good games system that could handle let's say ...me and superman with the same set of game mechanics.
    If I'm recall correctly it was the same game system as the 007 RPG with numbers shifted to deal with a wider range of character capabilities. Pretty good game...too bad it was tied to the DC universe during a fairly boring time in DC comics.

  2. My biggest challenge was the level of math that went into it. Conflict resolution was extraordinarily cumbersome - something I've seen other reviewers on other sites weigh in on over time. Other supers games had easier mechanics, which for a supers game keeps the action and disbelief going. Having to step through the fourth wall and figure chances in detail of succeeding slowed down gameplay way too much.

    That said, it made great use of the Crisis on Infinite Earths era DC in not just the character backgrounds but also the ongoing modules that were released. It leveraged the property better than the later edition, if I recall the buzz at the time.


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