Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Games From the Basement - Star Ace

Pacesetter produced a fairly large quantity of games in a fairly short time, and Star Ace was one of it's RPGs (along with Chill and Timemaster - they all used the same core resolution system).

What can I tell you about Star Ace?  I clearly remember having one of my player's ships blown to pieces with him in it, and the players was left alive, floating in space.

Ship destroyed, player floating around hoping for a space taxi to pick him up.  Or another player I guess.

Which meant to my eyes, the system had some major problems.  Then again, in retrospect, it's just as likely that I had totally misinterpreted the rules, and the player should have been dead.

Still, we had some good laughs about that one.  Don't think we ever played it again past that session (which is a shame, as I even picked up the Alien sourcebook dealie).


  1. I've always wanted to get a copy of Star Ace. I do love it's sister games, and space opera is one of my favorite genres. I just...haven't. I suppose I'll blame my one Rpg book a month rule and an ever growing backlog.

  2. Star Ace is one I wish I had picked up as well, maybe one day!

  3. Star Ace was okay, until my players discovered one of the rifles/support weapons could destroy pretty much anything at considerable range and the game collapsed into space-sniper.


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