Friday, April 20, 2012

James From Grognardia Has an Article at WotC!

Holy crapaholy!

James M from Grognardia has an article over at WotC.

Technically it's part of Dragon #407, but you don't need a DDI sub to read it (which is good, cause mine lapsed years ago)

Read A Primer on Elemental Literature & Alchemy here.

Congrats James!  Good stuff.

(yeah, I don't think my riffs on DnD Next are going to open any doors for me over there ;)


  1. yes, grognardia is writing for them, and 4thcore is winning their contests. the world is bending to my will

  2. Not unless you get a 40K kickstarter going.

  3. yeah, but that's one bridge I'm burning on a daily basis. it's just that it's so much fun ;)


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