Thursday, April 19, 2012

Games From the Basement - Amoeba Wars

When I think of "beer and pretzels" gaming, I think of Amoeba Wars.  If my memory serves, it was playable with 2 to 5 players (but 4 to 5 was best).

It was simple.  Not Monopoly simple, but pretty basic, as the rules took up less than 5 pages.  You had starships and dreadnoughts, and got to fight abstracts space battles on an abstract star map and attempt to keep you people alive, from both opposing players and those damn Amoebas.  They could spread like a fuck'n space cancer when they got going.  The amoebas, not the other players ;)

It also played fairly quickly too, usually in less that 2 hours.

Yep, this was one of our non-rpg go to games (along with Chaos Marauders and Talisman).

It was part of Avalon Hills "bookshelf" series of games, as it's box was made to sit on a bookshelf and be readily identifiable from the side panel.

Good stuff :)


  1. Yeah Amoeba Wars was a great light hearted game that was perfect between rpg events. Thanks for bring back some fond memories.

    Wishful thinking here but I would love to see someone make an I-phone ap for this (or any of the other fun board games that you have talked about in your blog recently). "Words with Friends" is a fun ap and all but I am sure many would enjoy a game of Amoeba Wars while taking the train to work or line in at the bank. :)

  2. @WSW - yep, it was fun. I'd bring it to the next Gathering of Fools, but we always have too much to do and too little time ;)

  3. Ah yes one of my favorite board games from the 80's...we often played this on off days between D&D sessions. Amoeba Wars is one of those games I still wish I had in my collection today. Hmmm must check ebay...


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