Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Background on the Games From the Basement Series of Posts

I literally have games and RPG books squirreled away throughout the house. In the heyday of my buying / collecting (late 80's to early 90's) I had a decent part time job and little in the way of expenses. Games and comics were my vices, and comics got cut back way before games ever did.

My wife has told me in no uncertain terms that the majority of my game collection needs to be put in storage, and she is right. I just never realized how much I had.

So, I've agreed to go through my older and likely will never again be played collection of games and box them up for storage, but not before I take a few pics and put up a post or two on the game in question.

Most have some fun memories attached to them, and posting about it helps me relive them in some instances.

Besides, this series of posts kinda doubles as a catalogue of sorts, reminding me of the games that are packed away but not forgotten.

Ah well, I think Star Ace will be next up tonight ;)

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  1. I recently decided to sell my comics (except 2000AD, though they'll go in the end, too) to make room for MORE games. Even with the most obscure game in my collection I can imagine dusting it off and playing. Most of my comics will never be re-read. Of course, I plan on replacing some of this collection with their equivalent collected editions, but those will sit on a bookshelf, ready to be read, not inside plastic bags which are, in turn, inside cardboard boxes.

    In an ideal world, I'd build a bigger house.


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