Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mini Review - Toys For the Sandbox - #4 - The Hermit's Island (Generic / OSR)

I'm getting addicted to Toys in the Sandbox - I just can't get enough of these 99 cent treasures.  The Hermit's Island is the latest one I've read (there are more for me to read- I'm playing catch up).

What can I  tell you about it without giving away any of it?  Let's see, you get a map of a small island (which appears to be missing an indication of scale / distance - not a game killer, but it would be nice) and some background material and a brief description of said island.

You get your usual (I love "usual" in this case) 6 possible plot hooks, each with 3 possible twists.  It makes it very easy to tailor to your campaign and GM style.

You get descriptions of 4 NPCs that are very detailed yet stat-less.  You know what drives them, but you'll need to stat them out to your system of choice.

Oh, and a random encounter table and a rumor table.  A bargain and a half.

I'm really tempted to use these in conjunction with Christian's Hex Crawl series in Loviatar.  Sandbox for the sandbox :)

From the blurb:

Out in the storm-lashed waters of the northwestern ocean is a small island not too far off the coast. Years ago the island was home to a monastery until the accident. After that night the monks fled the island never to return. Stories tell of a strange old hermit living on the island. Others speak of seeing camp fires in the night. What secrets does the hermit's Island hold?

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