Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kickstarter - Monster Art & Minis

The Monster Art Kickstarter Project is now the Monster Art & (Laminated Paper) Minis Project.

I'm going to let the art speak for itself:

Be forewarned - if you opt into this Kickstarter, one of these buggers is going to have my face ;)

Here's some more from the page:

What is the Monster Stock Art project?

We're attempting to create a library of stock art for all the creatures in the 3.5 RPG SRD.  While initial goal is 100 images covering the most commonly used 50+ creatures, we'd love to do a much larger set of creatures with added funds.
Note: We're adding some extra rewards to this project from the related Monster Stand-Ins (Plastic-Card Miniatures) Project.  See the very bottom (just above the FAQ) for details.
It is a great resource for small print/PDF game publishers, video game authors, web sites that have anything to do with monsters (fantasy fiction, RPGs, etc.), writers who blog about games, etc.  How often have you written about a monster or need a graphic of a monster for your computer game or run into a similar situation where you need monster art? With this project, you'll get a vast collection of high quality Monster Stock Art.  You'll have them ready instead of having to pour through stock art websites, PDF collections, etc.
Plus, if you want if for personal use only there is a PDF option which has the monster images as print-them-yourself paper miniatures. Select this option by itself, or pick another reward and add $10 for this extra reward.
If our initial KickStarter goal is met we'll create 100 monster images, but if we exceed our goal, we'll keep adding more art to the overall collection.  I personally would love to make the collection match every monster in the 3rd Edition System Reference Document.

What size are the graphics?

The monster images will be created as mostly 1/4 page (5.5"x4.25" @300dpi) graphics.  Some (at least 20% and probably quite a bit more) will be done as full page graphics @300dpi or larger.  However, to keep your costs down, I'll scale them down to 600 pixels by roughly 400 pixels which is appropriate for most web site and other electronic uses.  These "web-size" graphics are available at less expensive reward levels.

Which creatures will be in the collection?

If we meet our initial goal, we'll have a little over 100 of the most common creatures:
  • 4 kobolds (when there are multiples of a creature, you'll get 4 versions where the weapons vary and/or the poses change slightly, etc.)
  • 4 goblins
  • 4 hobgoblins
  • 4 lizardfolk
  • 4 orcs
  • 4 drow
  • 4 mummies
  • 4 zombies
  • 4 skeletons
  • 2 stirges
  • 2 pixies
  • 2 will o wisp
  • 2 gnolls
  • 2 troglodytes 
  • 2 gargoyles
  • 2 ghouls
  • 2 vampires
  • 2 wights
  • 2 rakshasa
  • 2 worgs
  • 2 rust monsters
  • 2 centaur
  • 2 minotaur
  • 2 ogres
  • 2 trolls
  • 2 owlbears
  • 2 horses
  • 1 medusa
  • 1 dryad
  • 1 lich
  • 1 spectre
  • 1 hellhound
  • 1 werewolf
  • 1 werebear
  • 1 wererat
  • 1 cyclops
  • 1 griffon
  • 1 pegasus
  • 1 unicorn
  • 1 gelatinous cube
  • 1 treant
  • 6 dragons (black, blue, green, red, white, gold)
  • 4 elementals (air, earth, fire, water)
  • 3 giants (frost, hill, storm)
  • 1 to be determined
But of course, that's the tip of the iceberg.  There are more giant types, naga, metallic dragons, genies, angels, demons, and a slew more!  So for every $1000 we'll add 6 to 10 more creatures (the exact amount varies) that we exceed our goal, we'll add another creature to the collection!  As mentioned above, I'd love to have the project's artists do every creature in the 3.5 SRD.
If we get close to the initial goal, I'll post a poll to help determine the next 10-20 creatures.  If it looks like we'll be able to do all of them, I'll do another poll and so on.

Who is behind the project?

First, let me introduce the artists and which of the samples each artist created:

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