Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl or Blood Bowl - Both Lead to Lowered Expectations

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  Time for crazy commercials, an overdone halftime show and maybe even some football squuezed in between the above.

I might be a New Yorker, but I'm a Jets fan, and to tell the truth, neither New York team deserves to be in the Super Bowl.  Which is why I figure the Giants to win.  Go figure.

I'll be watching the game, even if it's more hope the Pats lose then root for the Giants.  Still, beer and noshie foods should make for a good time.

I'm still very disappointed with the Blood Bowl conversion to the PC.  Graphics were lame, gameplay was lame, and it seemd nothing like the 1st edition Blood Bowl game we used to play back in the day (and which is still packed away somewhere).

Now if someone could bring Chaos Marauders to the iPad and iPhone, or even the PC or the Mac, I think they'd have a nice seller on their hands.  God but we loved that game for times we lacked a full group to role play.

Alright, time for the obligatory "Go Giants, F' the Pats!" cheer.

Maybe I should be working on the next part of the ACKS overview ;)


  1. I actually like the Blood Bowl PC game. It's not based on 1st edition, but rather 5th edition, so that might be why your expectations weren't met.

    Still, it is the best conversion of a GW game to tabletop we have ever had.


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