Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Enjoyed Some Tunnels & Trolls Last Night in SoHo

I got to play some Tunnels & Trolls at last night's Games That Can Not be Named. Obviously, I'm naming the game because I can, but I can't name the adventure, which was written for D&D and it's clones and converted on the fly by our very skilled GM.

It was nice to see how easily the rules for T&T can be picked up, as I was the only player of four who had previous experience with the system. I think we made some new converts. ;)

The adventure itself was pretty unique in it's game play, but amazingly played very well with the flexibility of T&T's "saving throws", which are closer to ability checks then a D&D type save.

There were two there were two other tables running two different GTCNBN. The turnout wasn't as huge as last week's in Brooklyn, but it wasn't bad at all.

Big thanks to Alex and Tavis for organizing and to everyone else for a really great time.

I'll be back at the SoHo Digital Arts Gallery next Wednesday night ;)

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  1. Excellent. Sounds like fun. Another vote of confidence for T&T!


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