Sunday, February 5, 2012

Digging Into the Adventurer Conqueror King System - Covering the Classes (Dwarves & Elves)

The Adventurer Conqueror King System includes just two demi-human races - Dwarves and Elves.  If you are looking for halflings or gnomes (and who really looks for gnomes?) you'll need to import them on your own.

Each of the two included races have two adventuring classes that they can choose from.

Dwarven classes are the Vaultguard and the Craftpriest.  Time to take a closer look at them.

Vaultguards are similar to human fighters.  Same attacks, same saving throw progression (with bonuses due to being a dwarf - 3 to 4 points depending on the save type), same d8 for HD and stonework knowledge.  They require about 10% more expo to level than a human fighter and cap at level 13.

Craftpriests are similar to human clerics, and get the cleric's attacks, saves (adjusted for being dwarven), d6 HD and the dwarven stonework knowledge ability.  Additionally, they are consider "journeymen" in a particular craft and can attempt to identify masterwork and rare materials.

Next up are the Elven Spellsword and Nightblade.

The Spellsword is a Fighter / Mage combo class.  The use the Fighter attacks chart and combat abilities, D6 HD, advance in spell casting as a Mage of the same level, can cast spells in armor and the usual elven abilities of a surprise bonus in the wilderness, keens sight, immune to the ghoul touch and a bunch of languages that they can speak.

The Level progression for the Spellsword is the slowest in the game, and they max out at 10th level.

The last class we are presented is the Nightblade, a Thief / Mage combo class.   They fight and wear armor as thieves, get a D6 for HD and get the thieving abilities of move silently, hide in shadows, climb walls and backstab.  The also get "acrobatics", which if successful allows them to pop up behind their opponent, depriving them of a shield bonus and putting the Nightblade in position for a backstab.

Nightblades cast spells as a Mage 1/2 their level and progress is spell levels at a slowed rate (maximum spell level is 3).  They get the elven abilities the Spellsword gains.  Maximum level is 11 and the level progression isnt as bad as the Spellsword, it's a bit harded then the Mages.

For the next installment, we'll bypass the equipment section and move on to proficiencies.  This should be fun ;)


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