Saturday, February 4, 2012

Comparing Google+ to Blogger For Posting Purposes

I've been cross posting my Blogger posts to Google+ for the past few weeks and I've noticed some differences in the comments between the two.  Blogger tends to get fewer (often much fewer) comments,  but the comments themselves are frequently longer.

Google+ tends toward more but shorter comments.  It's more immediate and less polished in general, but definitely more lively.

This post: What Are Your 5E Deal Makers / Breakers? had 9 comments on Blogger, 266 on G+.  Admittedly, the G+ thread had some cross talk going on, but that's still a factor of 1 to 26 in terms of comments.

I'm interested in the next integration step between G+ and Blogger, as I suspect it will blur the lines between the two.


  1. Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to more integration.

    Posting this purposefully to your blog as opposed to the G+ thread that led me here.

  2. heh ;)

    it does take work to get here...

  3. I'm all over G+. I post less on my blog, and I read blogs much less now. (I rarely read blogs unless they are linked in G+ these days.)

    Blogs are still the way to go for perhaps an adventure, a new class you made up, or something that you would like to have some permanency.

    Google+ seems to be much better for discussion and "shooting from the hip". Plus, the ability to "summon" people cannot be understated.

  4. I'm a newbie at both Blogger and G+ and lately I've been cross-posting. Although I don't have enough followers yet to get a ton of comments, I definitely get more on my blog than G+. I usually get around 5-10 comments on my good blog posts and maybe 0-3 on G+.

    As a general question, is there any way (other than quality posts) to increase blogger and/or G+ readership? I'd love to get on the blogrolls of high-traffic sites, but it seems a tough nut to crack. Any advice? You seem to be doing quite well. :)

  5. George, I read your blog and it is exceptional. The quality of your posts are not in question. Your enemy (if there is one) is time.

    I've been actively blogging since june 2009. I've been averaging 350-400 hits a day on the blog since the beginning of 2012, and a large part of that is folks interested in my 5e posts.

    It's a long road. You can help yourself get a few more hits (and links to your blog) by posting in relevant forums and adding the blog link to you sig. I had a banner made a while back that I use on a few of the forums. It helps.

    Other than that? Time. A lucky repost (my Pathfinder Beginner Box post went viral thanks to Paizo last fall) doesnt hurt either ;)

  6. Erik - thanks for the advice and the complement! Much appreciated. Your blog is definitely one of the ones that I read regularly. The writing is great and the variety of topics makes it a fun read. I also did a little analysis last month and you are one of the most prolific bloggers out there. I don't know how you manage to keep up with fresh topics, but somehow you do. :)

  7. Google Plus builds more readers, as you see the feed of everyone you have circled automatically whenever you are interacting with the system. It is much more of a walled garden though, as people are less likely to find your posts in the future based on web searches. Also, it is less conducive to long-form posts. Very nice for quick back-and-forth though.


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