Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Games I Own But Have Played - The World of Darkness Trilogy

Vampire the Masquerade

Werewolf the Apocalypse

Mage the Ascension

The above were my introduction to the World of Darkness.

My first purchase was Werewolf. I picked it up at the Complete Strategist in NYC while killing time for the bus to the Poconos. My God, but I read that thing cover to cover on the 3 hr ride. I was hooked by the fluff. It was that good.

My next purchase was Vampire. It was good, but not great. I tried to get my gaming group into the ideas of playing in the World of Darkness, but there were no bites.

Then I found Mage. This spoke to me. I could see the stories playing out in my head. Pure awesome. I bought some sourcebooks. The group had no interest. In the end, I lost my interest.

I do have a decent sized collection of 1st edition Storyteller System game books. Haven't looked at them in over 15 years. There they sit. Gathering dust. Like some sort of undead creature, just waiting for the moment someone breathes life back into them. They've waited all this time, they can wait longer. Time has passed them by, at least from my perspective. If I wanted to play a modern day mage, I'll be pulling out the Dresden Files...


  1. I like Dresden Files, but find the FATE system to far more crunchy than I thought it would be. It was one of those systems where I struggled to feel comfortable. That, and I was playing with some guys capable of grand bullshittery, so they wheedled and cajoled their way into tapping damn near every Aspect on their character sheets.

  2. When you game the game, it's no longer fun...

    I like FATE on paper. The system reads well. I have yet to play it. Time will tell

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  4. I picked up the Dresden Files too, but I am not sure if I would like running the Fate system. I do like the two source books. Right now my current crop of gamers have not read the Dresden Files, and until they read the source material, I think getting into the game might be a bit impaired. Belgarath used to be my favorite wizard until Harry Dresden came along.

  5. We tried DF down this way and it just did NOT work... not enough people wanted to have a "shared vision" and that much interaction with each other.

  6. But my intro was Vampire- the year it came out, I got a preview copy. I have never loved a game more. The idea of storytelling just spoke to me in ways nothing else has or ever will, and vampires as bad (or at least immoral) guys instead of "oh woe is me" imbiciles was just as cool as ice.


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