Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mini Review - The Wizard's Test (A Tunnels & Trolls Solo)

In case you've missed it, I'm a huge Tunnels & Trolls fan.  You can never have enough T&T, and I'm happy to say the Trollgod agrees with that statement.  The Wizard's Test is the fifth solo to come from the hands of the Trollgod this year.

When it comes to solo adventures, they are really hard to review.  Solos, more then any other type of adventure, are very easy to spoil by revealing too much of the plot or story.  They are programed, there is no GM to add new twists if the player already knows what is in store.  Therefore, less from me is more.

Still, I can safely report the following:  It's an adventure for use with the 7.5 edition of the rules.  The artwork is well done.  We are offered two sample characters to use: the first is a 3rd level Warrior with 63 adds, the other is a 1st level Rogue with 13 adds and no spells.  I strongly suspect the warrior will have a greater chance to survive, but as always, it depends on the decisions you make.

I've yet to run thru it... just read the intro and flipped the pages to read some random pieces.  Ken's voice is great as always and paints an entertaining picture.

32 pages for $2.95

From the blurb:

So, you think of yourself as a warrior and a proven adventurer? But do you have what it takes to serve as an agent of the Death Goddess?  Find out as The Wizard's Test challenges your wit and prowess in some very sticky situations indeed. This is a solitaire Tunnels & Trolls adventure for a human or humanoid warrior or rogue of level 3 or lower.

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