Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mage: The Awakening Demo Part 3

If anyone is willing to give you a 3 part demo of their game - grab it!  Heck, that's 3-6 gaming sessions for free - if it doesn't hook you by then, it ain't for your group!  Alright, maybe you need a rule book to go with it, but I'm sure a good GM will find some steal-able ideas for the system of their choice.

Part 1

Part 2

From the Blurb:

A Nest of Vipers
Welcome to the third installment of Gloria Mundi, the demo chronicle for Mage: The Awakening. The players might well have been wondering about the other mages in
the Boston area and what response they might have to the power that Adam has unleashed. How do mages govern themselves? Do the characters have to fear repercussions for their roles in this drama? The characters are about to find the answers to these questions, and they might well wish they had remained ignorant.


  1. Awesome! I'm definitely snatching this.

  2. I'm getting all choked up seeing some World of Darkness mentioned here. I'm...I'm not alone!

  3. yes you are, I was just posting some free shwag ;)

  4. Okay then,,,back into the darkness I go, shuffling along with nothing but my angst and Joy Division to keep me company....


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