Thursday, May 5, 2011

Looking For My Stray Thoughts...

As I was lying in bed last nite, in that weird not-quite-asleep state (I was waiting for my son to come home from his 4 hr Auxiliary Police shift) when the thought for a damn good blog post occurred to me. I really liked it. I know I did, because working it out in my head helped keep me awake.

Of course, it has totally escaped me now. I can remember thinking about it, but I can no longer remember what "it" is. Or was. Whatever. Sigh.

Better luck next time I guess...


  1. Wow. You have a son who is an auxiliary police officer? I'm impressed!

  2. PS: Most of the thoughts that I have in the middle of the night would probably get me arrested or committed, so it's just as well that they don't get written down.

  3. It runs in the family. I have 15 years on, 9 as a sgt. He's been an aux for about 6 months. Before his mother passed she was an administrative aide in the dept.

    He can't himself... its in his blood ;)

  4. I'm impressed too with your son & family's service! My cool night-time thoughts usually slip away by morning. Sometimes I think about keeping something nearby for recording them, but usually I just want to fall asleep.

  5. Thanks Padre! I grew up wanting to be a train engineer - my son has always wanted to be a cop. I'm fairly happy the way things turned out, but I'd still like to drive a train one day :)

    Back when i was actively trying to write fiction (this is in the days micro-cassette recorders) i used to have a recorder next to my bed for such moments.

    I figured I'd wait a few weeks before listening to all the entries, and when i did listen, the recorder ate the tape. Wasn't meant to be ;)

  6. Oh man, that sucks. Hope the idea comes back to you. Hate when that happens.


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