Monday, May 2, 2011

Nine Years Eight Months is a Long Campaign

Nine years and eight months to take down Osama is way longer then any of my AD&D campaigns ever lasted...

For those that don't know, I was a First Responder here in NYC on 9-11. I lost a good friend and fellow gamer when the towers came down. I saw the destruction of that act of war first hand and understand very well that but for the Grace of God I would be counted among those lost that day.

I find Osama's death isn't as satisfying as I expected it to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we got him, it just doesn't close anything. The reality is we just kicked the hornet's nest.

I'm already getting text messages from other members of the service expecting this to be a wake up call for American Sleeper Cells. Joy o' joys!

Be safe. Be alert. Above all, remember America... I mean "Team America" and the song America - Fuck Yeah! (you'll have to google it - still haven't figured an easy way to link on the ipad)


  1. Tenkar, I kind of feel the same way. I'm glad he's gone, but after a bit of initial happiness, I really started thinking about it, and realized that OBL may be dead, but his evil legacy lives on.

    Part of me wished he could have been captured, but I know that was going to be next to impossible to accomplish. I've been wondering was his death revenge or justice? Maybe a bit of both? According to the media, his influence in the threat matrix has been minimal or non-existant for the last few years. Yes, he was "inspirational figure" for terrorists, and his death doesn't change that. If anything, his death adds fuel to the "hate America" fire.

    I know terrorism, or at least the potential for it will continue on during my lifetime, but it's not something I worry about or fear. Yes, for the most part, I try to be safe, and alert, and probably at times hyper-vigilent, but not out of fear, but out of common sense.

    Thanks for your public service Tenkar.

  2. Freedom cost a buck'o Five! Thanks for the post and for your service to our Nation. I have been pondering signing up as a chaplain for our local police department; I admire what they do on a daily basis. Time is always the issue. I am glad Ben Laden is gone, but I don't delight in his passing. Just glad he is removed from the playing field of terrorism. I don’t rejoice in death, but I have few hesitations about seeing individuals of malice stopped by any force necessary. I don’t look forward to the proverbial hornet’s nest either, but if it wasn’t Ben Laden’s passing it would be something else.

  3. Heh. UBL and 9/11 were the reasons I enlisted in the Army and went airborne. I guess the fact that it doesn't change anything takes the luster off of it...

  4. @Padre - I'm sure any time you can give to them will be appreciated.

    @Higgipedia - not at all. Fighting in their backyard kept them from bombing my streets. God bless ya :)


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