Monday, January 25, 2010

Pssst! Free Stuff from Lakofka

Treebore (from the Troll Lord Games forums) recently posted that Len Lakofka has released L4 Devilspawn and the accompanying The Lendore Isle Companion up on the Dragon's Foot website.  For those that don't know, Dragon's Foot is dedicated to AD&D 1st Edition gaming and has a large collection of fan produced adventures.

Lakofka (Leomund's Hut anyone?) has been involved in D&D since the early years, and L4 is a direct descendant the classic AD&D adventures of L1: The Secret of Bone Hill and L2: The Assassin's Know.  L4 comes it at 136 pages with some really nice maps (suitable for VTT gaming).  I haven't given either of these PDFs more then a quick scan thru, as I only came accross Treebore's post earlier this evening, but they look good and the price can't be beat ;)  Perfect for some AD&D / OSRIC / fill in your old school system of choice here.

All that and at a glance I suspect they will render perfectly on the Kindle DX.  I'll give that a try during the week and let the results be known.

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