Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cleric on Call

We've all seen the issue of health care and health insurance in the US.  There's probably not a day in the past few months where it hasn't been part of a newscast.  My question is this... why hasn't the issue cropped up in Fantasy Roleplaying?

Seriously, who needs a affordable access to health care then our very own adventurers?  The get sliced and diced, whacked and skewered, burnt and disfigured, disemboweled and decapitated... all on a weekly basis.  Why don't we see any local churches offering some sort of All Cure Insurance, where the members pay a premium up front, some sort of copayment for each incident and in turn get priority healing?

It's a great way to constantly drain cash from the players, especially during downtime.  It also ensures that they have adequate access to healing.  Then again, overusing the policy would lead to an increase in premiums...

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