Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up - The Next Weekend

Jets lost, but kept it honest for 3 quarters.  Nice game from both teams.

Well, I'm still underwater with the Haiti Relief Donation package.  I need to stop downloading, peeking and moving one to the next item.  Pick one or two and just read the crap damnit!  heh

Not part of the Haiti Relief package, but a damn sweet looking piece of work is Atomic Highway.  I know the smaller and indie RPG companies have put out a plethora (nice word, eh?) of post Apocalypse RPG games, but this one has been a fun read so far.  Hopefully I'll finish reading and get to reviewing.

I still have a digital stack of White Haired Man products that I need to dig thru and review.  Next month's week of vacation cant come soon enough ;)

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