Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Kobold Quarterly

Would you believe I got this email on Monday, and it never occurred for me to post it until I saw JoeTheLawyer had done the same on his blog.  So, here it is.  Enjoy, I know I always enjoy the Kobolds:

Do you know someone who you're sure would love Kobold Quarterly, if only they would take the plunge and pick up an issue? Now we have a special offer that you can send them. From now through January 31, they can go to the KQ Store and download a FREE copy of issue #10 by entering the coupon code KQ10Free at checkout.
You remember #10, right? It had an interview with Paizo's Jason Bulmahn, Ed Greenwood's Dwarven Goddess, Ecology of the Hill Giant, a wicked take on Halflings, Secrets of the Halberd, Monte Cook's Game Theories, Rampant Elf Lust. Your friends will totally dig it. And if they become fellow subscribers, you'll be helping to support Kobold Quarterly so that we can continue to bring you great content like the articles in this very issue.

Remember, this special offer ends on January 31! Tell them to head for the KQ Store pronto, and use that code!
Thanks for supporting Kobold Quarterly!
Shelly Baur
Kobold Minion


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