Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dragon Age RPG - The Boxed Set...

was at my doorstep when I arrived home yesterday.  I promptly opened it and was suitably... unimpressed.  The last boxed set RPG I had ordered was the latest incarnation of Warhammer.  Steep price but a plethora of goodies to fondle and oodle.  Not so much with Dragon Age.

Lets see.  We have a Player's Guide, a Game Master's Guide (both perfect bound soft covers), a fold out map, and three lonely 6-sided dice (2 blue, 1 green).  The box feels... light.  Eh, maybe because I received the PDFs earlier due to preordering  my anticipated excitement is lacking.  The books look nice, the artwork is professional and appropriate, they just don't feel like they were worth 30 bucks for 2 64 page softcover books, a map and three dice I could have grabbed from any family game.

Maybe I'm harder to please in my old age, but this was anticlimactic.

The computer / Xbox 360 game rocks tho ;)

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