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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Polls Have Closed - Lets Look at What Resources are Currently Desired for Swords & Wizardry Light

First things first - it isn't much of a poll. 23 votes in all, so while it may give some hints it certainly isn't enough of a sampling to draw any huge conclusions.

That being said, two things stand out:

- One-sheet / Short Adventures were an indicated desire by 78% of those that responded. That works well with the adventures that are in the works, from +Tim Shorts (Gothridge Manor), +Thom Wilson (Off the Beaten Path, Forest Excursions KS) , myself and others. This need will be addressed ;)

- Sample Setting came in at 43%. I have something that could be put together fairly quickly here at The Tavern and possibly put together as PWYW in PDF. I agree that this would be very useful.

As for the rest? The sample size wasn't really large enough. I think its all viable but the two above are a more immediate priority.

Alright, back to productivity...

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