Tuesday, January 31, 2017

An 11 Year Old Runs a Session of Swords & Wizardry Light - and she LIKES it :)

I'd like to thank +Christopher Bishop for the excellent post at his Rolling Bones Blog. Nothing warms my heart as much as seeing my little offering to the gaming community find a proper home. The fact that the home it has found is with Chris' 11 year old daughter makes me want to jump up and down too ;)

A small quote from Chris' post:
So I printed the rules out from the Swords & Wizardry Light dropbox site on cardstock and laminated them.  Four pages folks, just four pages!  I handed them off to my daughter who promptly went like a troll back to her pink cavern of doom, also known as her room.  She spent the better part of an hour looking it over and came out with a huge grin on her face.  
"Dad, I understand this and it's so much easier to find everything, IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE!  They even have monsters and spells!!!!"  She actually jumped for joy folks, not a literary expression but a physical 98 lb girl jumping in the air with glee.  I gave her a little one-page adventure to run that I whipped up from a DCC one shot, told her to just ignore the stats and look at the name of the creature and use the light rules monsters in its place for stats.  So we went from her taking an hour or so to familiarize herself with the rules to sitting at the table and rolling bones in the next hour.  Might I add her confidence level was hugely boosted by the fact that she had the rules sitting in front of her like a DM screen, and everything was there that she needed.  She even embellished the short session which ended up being 3 hours long with added stuff on top of the one-page adventure because she said the rules were simple enough she had time to think about where the plot was going.  
The real reward for me at least was seeing the huge grin on her face.  There is no greater feeling as a parent than seeing your child enjoy something and get the same kind of glee out of it that you did at their age.
Yep. Makes all the effort worthwhile.

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