Monday, January 30, 2017

Beneath The Battered Dwarf Tavern - A Swords & Wizardry Light Starter Adventure - Part 2

I realize in retrospect that we didn't discuss Turning Undead in the previous post. If the Ghoul is successfully turned (requiring a roll of 13 or better on 3d6 by a 1st level Cleric) it will attempt to flee. In this case, it will attempt to flee whence it came, which is the trap door via room 2. In this case it will drop itself the 15' or so to the floor beneath, and will avoid using the metal runged ladder it used to climb from the cellar to the tavern's ground floor.

Did I mention hexes are 5'? Oops ;)

Room 2 is a storage room for less perishable items such as flour, dried meats and fruits, potatoes and other vegetables with a long shelf life, along with pickled cucumbers and wine. Ale is generally served chilled (at least when initially tapped) and is stored in the cellar. Hidden beneath bags of flour in the S/E corner of the room is the tavern owner's suit of chain mail (dwarven sized)

(f) indicates a pulley system that allows for the floor (5' square) to lower to the cellar and return with goods needed for the tavern. There is also a series of metal rungs on the north wall that can be accessed if the floor in question is lowered at least 5'. Currently the floor is lowered all 15' to the cellar below.

The hallway below is lit by a Continual Light spell cast on a metal rod, which serves as a removable torch. Treat as a Light spell that does not cease unless dispelled.

No roll is needed to descend using the metal rung ladder. PC's deciding to drop the 15' (10' or so if they lower themselves off the edge of the floor) must roll a Saving Throw or suffer 1d6 damage. A generous GM may decide to give them a bonus of + 2 to the Saving Throw as it is a controlled fall.

Into the Cellar...

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  1. As an aside but still on topic because it was mentioned in the first paragraph, a comment on Undead Turning.

    Let me just go out a say it and this may seem a little over the top. Table 20. Turning Undead on page 20 in S&W White Box, 1st printing on which S&WL is based is really really really f**ked up. As we proceed to the 2nd & 3rd printing, there is some improvement. Honestly, there is nothing that I like about S&W WhiteBox's undead turning implementation. I believe after some discussion with Charlie Mason of WB: FMAG that Undead Turning is going to be modified in a forthcoming update. After this update, WB:FMAG will be the goto WhiteBox clone especially since S&W:WB is pretty much abandoned anyway.

    By the time of the 3rd and very likely last S&W White Box printing, a skeleton has 1/2 HD, a zombie 1 HD, and a ghoul 2 HD per OD&D White Box although the table still has issues. An easy correction would be the change the first three rows to skeleton, zombie, and ghoul under undead type. Also, maybe change the HD for the skeleton and zombie to 1/2 and 1 respectively. Drop the rest of undead which aren't listed under Monsters anyway.

    An excellent table can found using 2d6 either in 0e White Box or the 0e White Box clone Delving Deeper although I prefer a slight tweak to make auto-turning a bit later in cleric level.

    Otherwise, thumbs up on the adventure part.


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