Friday, February 3, 2017

Beneath The Battered Dwarf Tavern - A Swords & Wizardry Light Starter Adventure - Part 4 - Splish Splash!

Part 1 Part 2Part 3 as well as the ideas behind it all.

The south door of Room #3 is slightly ajar. Upon opening the door the party will see a passageway, 5' wide, heading south before turning east. 

After turning the corner the party will notice that the south wall has bars across it as well as an iron barred door on the western most part of the opening. There is a key already in the lock, waiting to be turned.

There is a room of sorts to the south behind the bars (Room #6). An underground stream enters from the west wall and fills a 5' wide canal of sorts that flows south. There are five barrels sitting in the water of the canal, almost up against the bars. At least one barrel is is label "ALE".

If anyone in the party listens closely they will hear splashing coming from further down the water tunnel. A thief that makes a Hear Noise roll will recognize it as feet of some sorts splashing in the water.

Note: the small stream that fills the canal runs fast but very shallow - about 4 inches deep. The canal itself is about 2 feet deep and the water is slow moving but very cold.

The splashing is from a Cave Otter (described in a previous post) This is a young Cave Otter. It has 11 HP. The statistical write up is below for your convenience. 

Cave Otter
AC: 5[14]    HD: 4   Attacks: bite (1d6+2)   Move: 9 (18 in water)
Special: On a roll of 19 or 20, inflicts double damage with tusk impale

If the Cave Otter receives 6 or more HP of damage, it will attempt to flee downstream. It has no treasure.

The canal returns to underground stream width 15' south of the southernmost part of the canal indicated on the map. The party is too tall to follow the stream 

The ale is exactly what the bartender ordered.

Next, go East young adventurers...


  1. Are you planning to pack all this up as a PDF or something when you're done? I'm thinking I'd love to run this at Orccon out here in L.A. in a couple of weeks. :)

    1. I plan to put together a quick and dirty PDF in a week or so for my Patreons. I'll send you a copy too.

      After that I'll see if I can put a higher quality PDF together for PWYW on RPGNow


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