Wednesday, February 1, 2017

For Those that Missed Monday Night's Tavern Talk Uncut, Here are Some Quick Swords & Wizardry Light Updates

If you have the time, watch / listen to this past Monday's Tavern Talk Uncut - Episode # 3. You'll get some interesting info on what lies in the future for Swords & Wizardry Light, some insight into how it came to be and some upcoming projects for Frog God Games. Now, all that being said, here's the quick and dirty SWL highlights:

- See the screenshot above? Thats a snippet of one of 4 character cards being put together for SWL. One side will include the class info, attack matrix, spells, etc and the other side will be your character sheet. The idea is postcard sized. Ideal for convention play but also suitable for campaign play. Go Zach!

- Swords & Wizardry Light Monstrosities - well, we aren't sure what the document is going to be called, but Bad Mike (Mike Badolato of NTRPG Con fame) is converting a nice assortment of creature from the S&W Monstrosities book for use with SWL. I've reviewed the work in progress and it it excellent. Nice and short and a great resource for GMs

- Slack - we are using Slack.com to organize communication and the sharing of works-in-progress amongst those of us working on SWL projects. Its really an amazing tool for project coordination. If you are working on a SWL project and wish and invite, contact me at trubluniteAT that gmail thing. If I don't catch your email right away it may fall off screen, so give me a day or three to clear emails before worrying too much.

- You've been reading The Tavern, so you already know about the tutorial adventure. There's other stuff in the works, but for that you should listen to Tavern Talk ;)

The episode comes in at just over half an hour.

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  1. So I have had some thoughts but I am not sure how to proceed with them. I have thought about printing out the 4 pages on cardstock, taking them to conventions and pass them out to folks who show interest with information on how to find the rules online. Also I thought about sneaking these cardstocks into the freebie grab bags they give out on Free Comic Book Day. I noticed a few years ago that Free Comic Book Day has really expanded its vision to include light gaming and card games as well as toys and other stuff. What a great way to get new or lapsed gamers to take a look at this excellent introduction to gaming. I mean four pages is small enough even the most hesitant gamer will probably look over 4 Pages. If that leads to more gaming attention focused Mr. Tenkar and the Frog God's way, well that is just a huge bonus. I have a pretty decent laser printer so I have no problem firing off a 40 or 50 copies myself for my little con run of White Star RPG, and I fully intend to give information out in regards to where this all comes from I.E. Matt Finch and crew. What are your thoughts though> Is it too early in development to hand out copies of it to build a little excitement or is this okay?


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