Friday, February 3, 2017

Kickstarter - Game of Dragons - Trial 4 (If at first you DON'T succeed, try, try again...)

When I was looking through Kickstarter just before I thought to myself: "Game of Dragons looks damn familiar" and sure enough, it was. This is the FIFTH attempt to fund it. Safe to say there with be a Sixth, because this attempt won't be successful either.

There needs to come a point where you say to yourself: "Maybe I need to let this one go..."

Here's the pitch:

Game of Dragons - Funding unsuccessfully since August 2015! Why tie up your money in projects that fund and never deliver. Here are Game of Dragons, you can back our projects and never be out a dime. We don't deliver, but we don't take your money either. So, pledge and feel part of the project - for the fifth time! Help us not reach our goal of $50K!


  1. So it is a Fantasy themed RPG Card ON THE COMPUTER Game? Yeah...no.

  2. Yeah they never actually say it is a computer game, poor messaging. it is much better that they set a realistic funding goal and not fund than low ball it and fund without enough resources to accomplish the project. No harm, no foul, in trying but yeah the market has spoken.


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