Friday, August 18, 2017

Update - Gygax Memorial Find - A Plaque, T-Shirts and Pencils!?!

Its Gen Con time, so news and updates as it trickles in.

Gail Gygax presented Gen Con with a plaque celebrating its 50th show. I know, pics or it never happened ;)

(note - screenshots are from Gail's FB page. I'm blocked so these shots were sent by another. As always, a HUGE thank you to The Tavern's Community for all the help)

See that comment about shirts and pencils? Hold on to your hats, boys and girls, because this shit is going to get real!

Here's the link to the GMF shirts with pencils.

I must admit, Gail has done something that #ConManKen has been unable to do - produce and sell custom pencils.

Now that the Fund appears to have an income stream again, perhaps things will be moving forward.

The shirt looks nice. I should do a GoFundMe to buy one and take a pic in it ;)


  1. They missed the price point. 25$ shipped is where it needs to be. I'm sure they'll sell some of that price, but I doubt that it'll match what the volume would be at 25.

  2. That shirt is actually pretty cool but $40+ is just too high.

  3. I'm afraid Gygax Memorial Fund was not my first thought for what GMF stood for :/
    I do hope the whole endeavour soon starts rolling up some 20s - or at least the properly coloured 10s...


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