Friday, August 18, 2017

Another Gygax Memorial Fund Update - Alex Gygax Joins the Board of Directors of the GMF

I'm putting this squarely in the "Holy Shit I did not see this coming!" category. I always saw the Gygax Memorial Fund as Gail's personal albatross. Although her sister and brother in law are also board members, Gail has frequently - well, more than once, pointed out that she is the one doing it all.

Now that Alex Gygax is on the board I expect to see some movement on the project. I know the lad hates my very being (and I truly do understand why) but I sincerely wish him only success in his new position. He is what the GMF needs - young blood that want's to do right by his father's legacy.

I suspect we'll be seeing more updates soon.


Next #ConManKen will announce the release of the KotDT LAS ;)


  1. What is the issue between you and Alex Gygax?

    1. I've been a burr on the ass of his mother for early two years. I'd feel the same if I were him (and I've been told by more than one how Alex feels)

  2. This is good news. Alex is a good guy and I think that he will push Gary's Legacy. When I talk to him at Gary con he was very passionate. I think he will be a great asset to the gmf.

  3. I think this bodes well. I was present for a very, errr, passionate rant by Alex late one night at Garycon (with choice words about our Tavern Keeper). The point being, I think Alex is motivated to get rid of the bad press his mother has generated the last few years. At this point anything that might goose this project along is good news.


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