Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Monstrosities, the S&W Monster Book - Back in Stock in Print - Just 20 Copies

Run, don't walk to the Frog God Games Online Store if you want your chance to own a physical copy of the Monstrosities book for Swords & Wizardry. 50 bucks gets you a copy in Print and PDF, but only while stock remains.

The Frogs found a box of 20 copies in their warehouse and when they are gone, they are gone.

Personally, I prefer it over Tome of Horrors Complete as it has both familiar and new creatures as well as adventure hooks. Oh, and the price isn't bad either ;)
You can never have too many monsters, and this book is filled with them! No matter what kind of campaign, there are foes galore to stock its wildernesses and dungeons, even the unknown depths of its mysterious oceans. This is a compendium that contains the monsters from the rulebook and many monsters from the First Edition of the original roleplaying game, but there are hundreds and hundreds of completely new beasts. Note: this is a second printing of the original Swords & Wizardry monster book, updated with errata and hundreds of illustrations. 
The largest compilation ever of monsters for Swords & Wizardry/0e. If you play the very first edition (0e) of the game, or if you play Swords & Wizardry at the gaming table, this book is a must-have! 186 brand new monsters await, along with hundreds of the older monsters so that they're all in one book.! 
Monstrosities was created with the generous help of the Swords & Wizardry internet community, as you can see from the list of unusually brilliant authors whose erudition and eloquence grace these pages. The book’s successes are due to them, whilst any errors or failures in the transcription of their noble work are doubtless my own.

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  1. And snagged! Been wanting a copy of this for a while and now I gots it. Thanks for the heads up.


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