Thursday, August 17, 2017

Matt Finch is Doing a Series of Youtube Videos About old School Gaming

If you haven't met and spoken with +Matt Finch face to face, his new YouTube series is a decent substitute.

As I post this, Matt has three videos uploaded with more to come.

Do yourself a favor - watch the videos. They are short, informative and its Matt. I could listen to Matt all day ;)

Link to Matt's Youtube Channel


  1. This is the same Mr. Finch who created the Old School Primer? I liked it, but it seems like a 'love it or hate it' sorta document.

  2. That's great. I was just watching some OSR vidos last night. It crossed my mind that I would like to see what Matt Finch had to say these days.

    Let me also recommend Matthew Colville's videos if you have not heard of them.


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