Saturday, July 29, 2017

Gygax Memorial Fund - Updates and Deletions - The Good Fund Giveth and The Good Fund Taketh Away

Wait, you really expected the Gygax Memorial Fund (GMF) to provide updates? You're too funny ;)

In all seriousness, the GMF website hasn't been updated since July 27, 2016. You know, the announcement that the Transformers producer Tom DeSanto was going to do great things with Gary's IP. Yeah, hasn't happened.

But what about the Facebook feed for the GMF? Surely there are updates there. Well, the good fund giveth, and the good fund taketh away.

There were two updates on the GMF's FB page on July 27th, Gary's birthday. Apparently, Gail, Luke and Alex with be presenting Gen Con with a plaque in honor of Gen Con's 50th anniversary.

In all, that makes four updates for 2017.

2016 had one update. Wait, that's not right. It had at least three updates. They deleted two of them. Why would you delete updates from the Fund's Facebook feed?

I can easily surmise why the above update was deleted. The Gygax Memorial Fund no longer intends to release the audit that was promised 15 months ago. As for WHY they would no longer intend to release the audit, I haven't a clue. If I had to guess, I would assume it involves words such as "lawyers."

As for the "call to order", those that were on standby may now stand down.

The real shame of the deletion of the above post is that this is the most detailed explanation of what is going on with the project to date.

Strangely enough, the above post was deleted too. It talks about breaking ground for the Gygax Memorial in 2017. I'm fairly sure that isn't happening. Gail has not been before The Planning Commission nor the Lake Geneva City Council in 2016 nor 2017 thus far, so no presentation has been made and no final approval is pending. How do I know? I went to the Lake Geneva city website and scoured the minutes and meetings for this year and last year. There are only two mentions of "Gygax" during that period - both times was in reference to Alex Gygax renewing his bartender's license.

Remember, the GMF wants the memorial in a place that was not designated by Lake Geneva. So, there's still a lot in play. Rather, there is still much that needs to be resolved and it doesn't seem to be getting any closer.

Total aside, but as we are talking about updates, I was wondering why there hasn't been a new testimonial on the Gygax Memorial Fund website in over four years. Well, I figured out why:

Uhm, there is no Captcha code given, nor any place to enter it. Has it really been broken for over four years? Someone needs to tell the Webmaster.

So, what comes to fruition first? Ken Whitman's various Kickstarter scams, Gareth's Far West Fiasco or the GMF actually breaking ground? Remember, no wagering...

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  1. We, as gamers, should just fund and build the damn thing ourselves. Keep it a bronze statue kind of thing, but make it a table, with Gary at one end with notebook and screen; then three chairs down each side, and a final one facing him. Then it could be interpreted as him inviting you to his game, or being a space to game. That would certainly do more justice to his memory, than the freaky Zordon head over a castle thing. Put it under a sunshade or something to keep it from cooking people, and we're golden.

    Hell Cross Plains, TX does a Barbarian Festival each year for Robert Howard, centered around his home. This would give fans or Lake Geneva the same center piece to work from. And a little extra revenue from people dropping in is never a bad thing.


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