Thursday, July 27, 2017

Reminder -Three Days Left to Fund The Midderlands - An OSR Mini-Setting & Bestiary Kickstarter

Sample Town
There's about 3 days left to support The Midderlands - An OSR Mini-Setting & Bestiary. It still needs about $3,700 to succeed. If you haven't yet peeked at this Old School setting and monster book, time is running short. It will only fund with your help. You, not him! Sheesh! ;)

Seriously, if Dyson Logos and Matt Jackson are the premiere OSR dungeon cartographers, Glynn Seal is one of the top two setting cartographers and certainly one of the most prolific. This is a setting book that Glynn is Writing (Setting & some Bestiary), doing Artwork (Setting & Bestiary), Cartography, Layout, and is the Project Manager. Sure, there are others on the team (Edwin Nagy and +Jim Magnusson are friends of mine) but this is Glynn's vision and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from his (slightly) warped mind.

Did I mention that the default ruleset referenced is Swords & Wizardry Complete?
"Situated in the middle of Havenland is an area known by the ancestors as the Middle Havenlands. They don’t use that name much any more, preferring to talk lazily, and skip letters. 
In strange accents, often misheard and little understood by those outside of the central region - they call it “The Midderlands”, and themselves “Midfolk” or “Midderlanders”. 
There are many peculiar folk that call these Midderlands home. Generally mistrusting of outsiders, they suspiciously eye strangers, close doors, bar windows and scurry in opposite directions. Maybe the area has had a troubled history and that is why the folk behave the way they do. 
All that aside, there are good folk too. These folk just want to subsist peacefully and not have interference or “goings on” in their lives. Nothing is ever that simple. 
As well as the people of the area, there are the places. The towns and hamlets, the woods and hills, the lakes and the rivers. Amongst all these places are stranger locales too; circles of stones, strange towers, castles and burial grounds. 
Everywhere, the Midderlands is tainted by a green-hued menace that rises from the deep and affects nature and order, sometimes subtly and sometimes catastrophically. It rises from the mysterious subterranean realm known as Middergloom. Often described as hell bathed in green fire and flames. Green-tinged slime, noxious vapours, and miasmas creep upwards, amongst them viridian-coloured demons, lime-green tentacles and other malachite horrors claw their way to the surface to wreak havoc. The Lords of the land are always working to keep things at bay. The realm of Middergloom is deliberately nebulous and mysterious, and left for you to develop as needed to suit your campaign. 
The vileness that lurks below taints the skies above the land too, known as The Drab. The atmosphere is a hint of green rather than blue. The colour can shift between turquoise and sickly yellow-green in a short space of time. When night comes and the Drab clears, the midfolk can see the constellations surrounded by wispy green nebulae, strange wandering stars and comets, and a single many-cratered moon. 
There are many things to keep the inquisitive minds of treasure seekers amused. There are also many things to keep the treasures where they are. 
Things stir in this viridian-hued landscape. Evil eyes blink and watch. Teeth and claws scratch and sharpen. Gaping maws slobber and drool.
All is not content in the Midderlands."


  1. Jeez, I hope this funds. This looks excellent, and I'm a fan of Glynn's other work. I'm certainly backing it.

  2. This looks great. With exchange rates being rather favorable to USD @ $1.31 to £1 I couldn't resist.

  3. So close now. It must be funded.


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