Friday, June 9, 2017

More Thoughts on a "Creature Archipelago" for Swords & Wizardry Light

Sidney Sime

So, the list has become something like this:

  • Indigenous player races: lizardmen will be decedents of the long lost ancient race living in scattered tribes across the island - i'm thinking natural leather AC but no matter class, can't wear armor - +1 HP per level regardless of class - fighter, ranger, barbarian, thief, shaman (new class) - goblins - more recent settlers, they've staked out an island for themselves - fighter, thief, witch doctor (new class)
  • Multiple Islands. It allows for diverse and localized settings.
  • The Ancients had science / magic capabilities and are the original creators of the giant creatures on the island. Their artifacts are often sought and rarely found. Ruins, big and small, are scattered throughout the islands.
  • One island is relatively safe. That will be the PCs home base / starting point. Might as well place a Tenkar's Tavern there. The home base will also have a smattering of lizard folks and goblins. Neither race is inherently evil. Oh, and of course its a port. Multiple nations and other power players have reps in town looking to hire adventurers to recover items and knowledge.
  • I like the idea of a mostly blank PC map, to be filled in as they explore the islands. Isolated hex crawls to some extent.
  • New creatures - large and giant sized "normal" creatures and magical hybrids. I'm figuring two dozen or so at least.
  • Need to commission an artist to draw the islands - this is beyond my paltry mapping abilities :)
Right. So, I think I'll write the races first, then the two new classes. That should give me time to find an artist for the Archipelago.

Tomorrow - Assemble new grill before next week's heatwave, yearly gathering with old gaming group and follow up with a night of gaming with my current group.

Sunday - Uncle duties followed by interview. After which, we shall work on this ;)


  1. what? Is this a clever name for a monster manual supplement, a campaign setting, what? And is it official or home brew? and well... what?

  2. Yes. Yes. And it may become official (depends on what you consider official) Definitely will be published.

  3. This sounds fantastic! I really like archipelago's for hexcrawl settings.
    It allows you to really change up settings without everything dissolving into a mess over time.

    1. thanks - credit goes to Zach Glazar for the archipelago idea - i was thinking an island or three initially

      i'm really pumped - work commences tomorrow night :)


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