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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hung With My Old Gaming Group Today and Look What We Found

As I've mentioned before, Tenkar was a henchman in one of my old campaigns that became moreso as time went on.

I never retained a copy of the character sheet of Tenkar, the Dwarven Fighter that was a henchman for Paul (who dropped out for the group for a bit and is the reason we gather each year, as Paul was lost on 9-11) before Tenkar moved on to Brian - who made this character sheet.

Tenkar later returned as my Dwarven Paladin in EverQuest shortly after launch and became my online name when I started blogging (to keep "the job" and "the blog" is separate worlds)

Anyhow, an excellent time with friends I've known for over 30 years. Gaming bonds are often life long bonds.


  1. omigawd you didn't fill in # Siblings? How can you live like that?

    1. Wasn't me, it was one of my players. I almost squealed when he showed me the sheet :)

      We've gathered every June since 2002. First time I saw the sheet.

  2. Love those old character sheets. I think I still have a couple in my pink B/X box

    1. I have an unused book of them. I got them just before I got hold of a really good DOS based character gen program.

  3. Dwarven Thrower? Nasty weapon. He is not too be trifled with for sure

  4. Tenkar isn't your real last name?!?

  5. And every time he showed up for the first time we would screech and make car crash sounds!! ;)



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