Friday, June 9, 2017

ConManKen - Catch me for Two Seconds on the Screen - Tupac Bioptic

Quick! Don't blink or you might miss #ConManKen!

So, what exactly is the going rate for a background extra that isn't allowed to speak in any of his appearances?

Is it enough to pay to fulfill his outstanding Kickstarters?

How about the lady in Georgia you bilked out of $50k?

Ah Ken, never the dream, always the nightmare.

Don't worry though - we love you like a cyst. A very infected, painful, oozing cyst on the gaming community. Own it Ken. Its all you.

The "Official" #ConManKen Countdown Clock!

I have complete faith in your ability to fail Ken. Seriously. You are a sure bet to lose. Go aead, prove me wrong. You can't. Continue living in Marcus' basement.

Love ya!  :)


  1. It is pathetic to watch him make such a big deal of being an extra. That he is repeatedly trying to turn being an extra into some sort of big deal....ugh

  2. At least this time he was in focus for the screen capture. Let us not forget his 22 seconds on Macgyver. lol

  3. Never underestimate Ken's ability to find an excuse or a way to blame someone else for missing yet another deadline, even if he never had any real intentions to fulfill his obligations to the projects that he has all but abandoned.

    At this stage, is there any real point in watching him let another deadline pass other than morbid curiosity?


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