Monday, May 8, 2017

Kickstarter - d20 Dice Ties

d20 Dice Ties. I'm surprised no one thought of it before. Or maybe they had and it totally went past me.

I like the concept. Heck, if I was still working I'd buy one just to wear it at official training classes just to mess with the minds of my fellow officers. Sadly, the only time I'm going "shirt and tie" these days is weddings and funerals and I don't think it fits either.

The ties are 15 bucks for one (plus 3 bucks for US shipping - other shipping rates are higher) Not sure what they are mad of but for 15 bucks, I'll assume they aren't silk.

I'm kinda partial to the blue ;)

Anyhow, funded with six days left in the funding period. Expected to ship in July of this year.


  1. Whimsical ties are fun. Unfortunately, they have a narrow band of acceptance - uptight enough to require a tie, but relaxed enough to accept a cheeky one. I'd guess rayon for the material, which is more durable and easier to clean than silk, although arbitrarily lower in status because it isn't expensive and delicate and probably hasn't been anywhere near a vat of boiled caterpillars.

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