Sunday, May 7, 2017

Excellent Article at Glixel - How a Pen and Paper RPG Brought 'Star Wars' Back From the Dead

I don't often link to articles from fairly obscure places on the net and in truth I never heard of Glixel before this article was forwarded to me, but damn - its a good article. (and looking deeper, Glixel seems like a decent site to read other articles too)

D6 Star Wars IS Star Wars for me. The first three films that were released where the be all end end all - I know I'm a heretic to most when I can say I didn't care for the second trilogy and haven't watched any of the later releases, film or cartoon. My Star Wars ended when West End Games lost the license.
Greg Costikyan, a co-creator of Paranoia, was one of the people tasked with securing the Star Wars license. “We flew out to California to meet with Lucasfilm,” he says. “We made a bid of $100k. We later learned that TSR had tried to get the license too, but they only bid $70k.”
Just imagine - we were close to getting Star Wars done in the same manner as Indiana Jones and Conan - the sad TSR treatment. Shudder.

Read the article (linked here). Its well worth the minutes of your time.


  1. Worthwhile read. Never got into Star Wars D6, seems worth a second look!

  2. I have fond memories of d6 Star Wars. Wish I still had all my old adventures.

  3. "I know I'm a heretic to most when I can say I didn't care for the second trilogy..."

    Really? I thought the three prequels were steaming piles of garbage - the worst writing, direction, and acting (from normally good actors) that I've EVER seen in major Hollywood movies. I didn't realize very many people thought otherwise.

    1. The franchise peaked in terms of quality film making in 1980 with Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. It's been pretty uneven from the beginning, and I reject the idea that we have to take the original trilogy as a set. Even Return of the Jedi is not so great, and I'd argue that III: Revenge of the Sith is a tad better than IV or VI, at least in some ways.
      (disclaimer: I'm not a SW fanatic, I just like films in general)

    2. I find it extremely difficult to believe that a cinema-lover would defend RotS (an apt acronym if I've ever seen one). I thought it was not one iota better than Phantom Menace in the areas that count (writing, direction, acting...)

      But I guess differences in opinion are what makes the world go round.


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