Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ENnies Submissions are In - Guess What Will Soon Need Your Votes? ;)

Yep, a couple of firsts here with the 2017 ENnies:

  • First submissions to the ENnies by Frog God Games
  • One of the (if not the) first Free Print Product submitted that was not released for Free RPG Day
  • First time my name was on a submission (not counting the submission of Tenkar's Tavern a few years ago as a blog entry before realizing I wasn't edgy enough ;)
It should be an interesting summer ;)


  1. Well too bad it's the ENnies and no one cares...

    But grats I guess... hope to see it nominated for an award that means something.

  2. I missed this somehow. Congratulations, Erik and Frog God Games!


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