Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Followup - Kickstarter - Rifts® Board Game - How NOT to Respond to Your Backers' Questions

Yep, from about 2 hours ago as I type this. I'm literally STUNNED that anyone associated with a Kickstarter project would post this, but as I said with the previous post on the Rifts® Board Game Kickstarter, this one is going to have drama and more.

Guess what Andrew, those $1 backers are the ones that are interested but aren't sold yet. Those are leads you should be working to convert, not dismiss.

Now, is the $1 backer in question trolling? I'd say so, but Andrew's comment dismisses ALL $1 backers out of hand.

Someone really should take over their customer interaction on this project. I'm sure Kevin S is waiting in the wings ;)

Don't worry, I'm sure this is more drama forthcoming. Now, about those Glitterboys...


  1. No matter what my next two kickstarters do, I feel confident that that's a very low bar for exceeding.

  2. Customer Relations and how NOT to do 'em.

  3. Yeah, because Kevin has a history of being the soul of diplomacy and tact. Heh

    But coming from an outfit that has a history of C&D notices sent to its own fans? I am not surprised one iota. Palladium makes Paramount look positively sterling.

  4. I got lots of butter and salt and a jar of popcorn alllll ready for this. This is worth every penny. Better than an MMA fight. Hell i wish whit whitman would start another KS so i can direct these guys to him.

  5. From looking through things I'd say at least most of the $1 people are there to troll.

  6. Yes they are. That's why I don't have an issue with it.

  7. Doesnt matter if they are. A professional doesnt sink to their level. Thats what uncle Kev does. Thers a way to handle them and so far rogue hero is failing miserably.

  8. One of the many jokes in the 50 Shades of Vorpal parody Kickstarter was dissing $1 backers for not giving you enough money. Trolling or no trolling, any time you find yourself doing something directly comparable to that project, you need to stop and think about what you're doing.

  9. Holy Batman slogan! I just read this in the KS body:
    "If you do not log in and confirm your pledge within 8 weeks of our notification via email to confirm your pledge, you agree that Rogue Heroes has fulfilled its obligations to you in full for payment or donations received. "

    I'm finishing my 31st KS project today. I've had several military service men/women pledge for my projects and sometimes it can be 3 months before I hear from them. Heck I just very recently had someone from a 2 year old project get hold of me who had severe health issues and almost died but was getting better and we really hoping they could still get their reward. I didn't have one exclusive item anymore .... but I gave her something else in place of it.

    The concept to me that just because you didn't fill out the pledge manager in 2 months you get NOTHING! ... not even a refund is such an incredibly bad statement and shows knowing nothing about how to give good customer service that it boggles my mind to see that written. I know this project is a train wreck. But I took time to go look it over today and its worse than I thought it would be. Amazingly bad.

    To Eric's point of the OP. If a $1 backer is trolling ... you can specifically call them out for it ... but I agree saying all $1 backers don't deserve answers is the wrong response.

    1. Woah, nice catch. Tenkar, might be worth flagging that particular clause up in a separate post, because that's some real sneaky nonsense.

      It's quite cleverly done too. From a legal perspective, a Kickstarter is a contract (not only does it include the classic components of a contract in common law - offer, acceptance, and consideration - but is also defined that way in the Kickstarter ToS). A law court is quite likely to refer to the text of the Kickstarter page - particular the reward tiers and the main pitch - in working out what the actual terms of the contract were. Whether or not that clause would actually stand up in court or not is a different question, but I think it'd at least have a shot.

      I can understand the desire to not have this unfulfilled obligation hanging over your head because someone got delayed in confirming their pledge, but it's just poor service for all the reasons you outline. Plus, given that this Kickstarter is already under enormous scrutiny, you just know people are going to assume that they did this with the intent of sneakily bilking people out of their rewards.

    2. "I can understand the desire to not have this unfulfilled obligation hanging over your head because someone got delayed in confirming their pledge..."

      Then you refund their money. Problem solved.

      All things considered, I'm really not going to be able to feel sorry for anyone who pledges for this and gets taken. There are a whole forest of red flags and blinking neon warning signs. Don't be stupid, guys.

    3. True that! Though sometimes it's trickier than you would expect to refund people on Kickstarter; there's a longstanding issue where if the credit card they used to pledge has expired you can't refund it.

      Even then, it's not hard to sort out alternate payment arrangements with someone if they show up out of the blue asking after Kickstarter rewards you are no longer able to provide. (Unless it was for one of those daft "pledge thousands of bucks and our designers will personally GM a game for you and give you a backrub" high-level tiers, though if you offer one of those and default on it then it's kind of on you.)

      "No survey = no reward or refund" is utter bullshit though.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Ehh... refunding might not always be an option depending on how well the last funded. If you just hit goal that might be the difference if a product going live or not. With the number of people actively trying to screw this guy, it doesn't seem unreasonable to try to protect himself

    He has been repeatedly attacked and victimized, and it is continuing even now.

    1. Bob ... I agree he has been attacked and overly so in some instances. But in my opinion that does not give him the right to say ... if you are late with your pledge manager you don't get the game. Its not screwing Carmen to expect to get the game you paid for. I'm not saying he has to give refunds ... that is not what this is about. His terms say he does not even have to give you the game.

      Bottom line ... with my KickStarters and I just finished my 30th successful one. I set aside product for any backers that have not filled out their pledge managers. That is there items ... they paid for them and when they finally get hold of me ... I'll send it to them. That should be how it always works ... OR ... if you are not willing to do that ... you should be willing to give out refunds when you hear from them.


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