Sunday, March 5, 2017

Far West - Yet ANOTHER Broken Promise - But Par for the Course - Another Self Imposed Deadline Missed

Now, usually "this week" means the week you are actually in. Which ended yesterday. But its been said that Gareth does not count time like the rest of use, so maybe a week for him is 29 days, a month is 120 days and a year is 15 of those months. If so, he might be on time ;)

Seriously, if you know you can't hit a date - at all - ever - build in some buffer time.

Now, it could be that there is a Twitter update, 'cause Gareth loves his Twitter, but Kickstarter rules state that communication should take place on their platform.

Doesn't chance the fact that Gareth is late - again. At least he is very consistent with his inconsistency ;)


  1. On Twitter he pushed the update to Monday.

  2. Just a note: On a lark, I contacted the office of the KCAG through email to ask if they could confirm that they were investigating the “Far West” Kickstarter and/or had contacted the creator. The KCAG declined to comment one way or the other. I asked if it was because I was from out of state. And they said the state I was from (Missouri) had nothing to do with their lack to share any info.

    I’ve been following this from afar. But the reason why I made the inquiry was the creator said he was being investigated by the KCAG as well as did another backer in the comments section, but I thought this might make an excellent tactic to say that one was already under investigation (to perhaps preventing others from the effort) when in fact they weren’t.

    If I can’t get any info: How is it one of the backers can?

    I have the email communication Mr. bartender, if it might be of interest to you.

    You can find my email on my blog contact me page: withinthedungeon (dot)blogspot (dot) com)

  3. I really wish he'd just stop digging himself deeper and say someting like "It'll be done when it's done." I honestly don't understand why that's so hard for him.

  4. I gather Skarka shoveled some more horseshit in the backers-only update today.

  5. I think I can confirm that he's not done writing it.

    This is a comment he left in his latest update:

    See the end of that first line? I know page count fluctuates in layout, but usually you still have a good idea what your total count will be. This reads like he doesn't have a clue what his page count is going to be when he's done.

  6. One backer noted: "this appears to be more-or-less the same file we were given at the end of September in 2012. The file name has changed from Chapter XI to Chapter 11"


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