Monday, August 15, 2016

When Kickstarter gets Violated by MLM - Smash Fund

When I saw the link to Smash Fund in the Kicksnarker Community on G+, I didn't think much of it.

Watch the video. It's short. Apparently, coffee is 5 bucks a cup...

Look, it wants to be a social media platform, a crowdfunding platform and a multi level marketing platform. How sweet!

Then I dug in a bit more and I realized it was insanely awful. Of the level on can only assume is meant to be a joke but probably isn't.

So, what is your cost and what do your backers get?

Yep, you can lose money on crowdfunding and cut out the middle man.

Holy shit.


  1. Kinda like asking people to pay for Facebook. It simply wouldn't happen. This is an equally bad idea and business model.

  2. wait... isn't that kind of like Patreon, except not only the backers have to subscribe?

    1. a bit, but i'm not even sure how backers would subscribe.

      seems like mostly MLM at 149 a month...

  3. My favorite: "All you need to know is that you're paying $149 a month."

  4. I have a passion... for never touching that site with a ten-foot pole!

  5. So . . . A crowd funding, social media pyramid scheme. Sign me up!

  6. So . . . A crowd funding, social media pyramid scheme. Sign me up!

  7. Take fund and smash it into our pockets...

  8. And...

    You can smashfund your campaign year around for only $1788... And if you only happen to raise $200 no problem. We'll take you to court for the fee...

  9. $150 a month to do things we can already do for free. Better get in before they sell out!

  10. I suddenly feel the urge of watching "The Sting"...

  11. Good Lord, whoever is stupid enough to sign up for this deserves what they get.

    Memo to file: Stay away from Todd Gross and everything he does.

    I feel sorry for other people named "Todd Gross." At least one of the other people with my name is only a murderer, not an "affiliate marketer." (Yes, it's true. Turns out another guy with my name likes to not pay his medical bills. So I get extra attention when I try to buy a firearm, and get my credit report screwed up. I'd still prefer that to being mistaken for an MLMer.)


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