Saturday, August 20, 2016

For Those That Are Interested in the Financials of The Tavern (We're Making the Big Bucks!)

One of the comments yesterday stated the following:

So, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm offering a snapshot of June and July's earnings made by The Tavern.

First up - Adsense:

As you can see, it averages about a buck a day. People don't really click on ads much and I don't blame then. Over the course of 12 months it should take in about $350, which is the average price for a new piece of art for The Tavern's Banner Rotation.

Second Up, RPGNow Referral Sales:

If I go with screenshots the page will never end. June and July combined for $75.68 ($43.36 and $32.32 respectively), which is really low. August so far is $80.05, which is high. The year is at $550.01, so about $70 a month or just over 2 bucks a day. (as an aside, the Gygax Memorial Fund raised $566 in all of 2015)

Last Up, Patreon:

I like the Patreon method and support many on it with the monies donated to The Tavern. June had $166.01 in pledges, which after fees and spreading the love to other Patreons came out at $124.14. July was $164.51 which came out to $102.32 after fees and spreading the Patreon love.

June Total: $202.44  $6.75 a day

July Total:  $158.42  $5.11 a day

For that you get 1 to 3 posts a day, Tavern Cards (which are really fucking slow to mail out), occasional giveaways, art purchases for use at The Tavern (monies going to artists in the community), work on Swords & Wizardry: Light, the annual insane fiasco known as OSR Christmas and assorted other sundries. Average time spent daily on Tavern related activities - just over 2 hours.

The Tavern's modest income does NOT support the Kickstarters I back nor the games I buy. I wish it would pay for a lunch or two a week at the pub. Maybe we'll get there over time ;)


  1. Big bucks, indeed! Party on, dudes!

    1. If I could double these numbers, we could do Tavern Posts from the Local Tavern.

      Hell, might start doing that once a week anyhow. Actually sounds like fun ;)

    2. "Tenkar with a Tankard" -- coming soon!

  2. So, when are you starting the Tenkar's Finance, loans and insurance division?

  3. to put your money grabbing in context, if we assume you average $200 a month in 2016, you will hoover up 0.000000003% of global GDP in 2016. Not bad, not bad at all....

  4. I'd be interested to see Robert Sheets weigh in on his spiteful comment now that Erik has raised the bar with his full disclosure. All too often people will mouth off online as though anything they say online doesn't require the same accountability as statements made in person. We've all seen it, been victims of it, and sometimes even made the mistake of committing it ourselves. The mark of a mature adult though is owning up to when you've let you mouth run ahead of your brain. I know I'd certainly be willing to move Mr. Sheets from "internet troll" status to "decent guy who accidentally mouthed off" if he were to take back his comments now that they've been so blatantly disproved.


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