Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ernie Gygax's "Roll Off Treasure Contest" for Medical Expenses

Ernie Gygax has a Roll Off Treasure Contest to pay of the last of his medical bills.

As per Ernie: "The dice and winners will be determined on September 22nd the 150th day of my continued sobriety and protection from future Doctor encounters."

Damn good cause and good prizes too.

Continued good health my friend.

Here's the post for those that don't do the Facebook thing:
I wish to announce the beginning of my Roll Off Treasure Contest to finally put to bed my old health and life expenses, while celebrating a new life style filled with gaming and longevity. Everyone who donates money (in $10 amounts) will generate a roll from my percentile dice the same as we use(d) to disperse magic items in the original Greyhawk campaign. In case of a tie a single roll of between the winners will occur. Anyone may send donations directly to me (contact me directly for my address), or a personal visit hopefully over a game is encouraged. Otherwise most people will be comfortable using Pay Pal (please include a detailed message giving me either or both a phone number and email address). Send this to the Trust: 
Obviously the blade Shadow Bane will be most players choice for first pick. Forged from 5160 steel, it’s overall length is 21.75”, it has a 16.5” blade, and a 14.5” cutting edge. The arcane pattern was created by painting on a resist and etching in ferric chloride. The pattern is 3D, with the bright areas standing about .003” proud of the dark, etched surface. it’s classic cutlass blade has a full double flat grind, is fully functional and ready for heavy cutting, and is hair popping sharp.It has a cold blued mild steel guard with a leather overlay. The handle is black walnut that was torch blackened and stabilized under a vacuum in wood hardener. The general style of the handle and guard is Indonesian. The hidden integral tang is hardened, and tapers from ½”x ¼” to ¼”x 1/8”. It is notched, has hidden pins, and it is set in shock resistant epoxy. The notches and pins ensure a secure fit. It extends to within about ¼” of the butt. 
The poplar sheath is of three-piece construction, and the throat is lined with leather to ensure a tight fit. The copper fitting depicting an eye and eyeglasses is also a ferric chloride etching created with original art by David Gdula, and may be recognizable to members of the gaming community (wink, nudge ;) ). The steel fitting is also etched, depicting something that may also be recognizable to gamers, especially of the old school variety (nudge, wink :P )

Todd Gdula will sell a similar sister blade for $900. 
If there are any questions about the sword, Todd can be reached at  toddATtoddbladesDOTcom, or through a contact form on his site at www.toddblades.com.
Another choice will be three Dragons, an Ogre Mage and an Angel all but the Angel still in original packaging (WOTC D&D Attack Wing) Silver, Bronze and Gold. Another pick will be a complete set of GYGAX magazines (signed by yours truly) as well as a an autographed by both Simon Todd and I copy of Sammi-Zowa versus the Dueling Dragons. Still another choice is a fine piece of art showing Jon Snow and his Wolf as well as a Sammi-Zowas book (signed again by both Simon and I) as well as an autographed copy of Gygax #6. The final pick will be a Dragon Dice Elf army as well as both my book and issue #6 of Gygax both autographed. Someday in the future we may hope to get Benoist Poire and Nerissa Montie down to a Gary Con for additional signatures of these fine works.

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