Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Roll20 2016 Quarter 2 Report is Out - Lets Compare it to the Market

The Roll20 Orr Report for the 2nd Quarter of 2016 was released on August 15th. Lets look at it shall we:

Things to note:
We pull our data from two locations within Roll20 member profiles. Player numbers are drawn from the “Enjoys Playing” and “Seeks Group For” sections, while Game numbers come from the “My Campaigns” section. Our percentages can total more than 100%, particularly Player numbers, since each player will list their interest in multiple games. The report is meant to be a representative sample, and the game listings are curated by Roll20 staff.
Which means you can take this all with a grain of salt. It may show trends, but the science isn't exact. I have nearly a dozen campaigns listed under "My Campaigns" section but I haven't run campaign in nearly a year. I guess I'm skewing the numbers ;)

The numbers for 5e means that over half the users of Roll20 have an interest in 5e. It doesn't mean over half are playing 5e.

Top 2 in the Market Report are the same, and 4 of the top 5 in the Market Report make the top 9 here. AGE didn't make the top 10.

WTF is Maid RPG? I'm picture bad sexual fantasy shit...

AD&D made the top 10 but the drop off is huge after the top 3.

Basic Fantasy RPG (BFRPG) has a huge showing for an OSR game. Even if you assume the numbers are inflated, it still blows every other clone out of the water. Maybe its active online community has something to do with it.


  1. I'm not sure if this information is really of any use at all. Other than "it never hurts to know what users are using what service". With the RPG market being so small I wonder if we live in a bubble that these services have really expanded the market or if the market is being expanded more by local physical play. What I'd find interesting is tracking this information from report to report.

  2. From the report:

    In Q1, the number of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition games played on Roll20 increased by 4.05%. In Q2, games increased by 4.14%. 5E is still the most popular system on Roll20, with 51.05% of Players actively seeking campaigns using the most recent D&D system. Game activity in Pathfinder, 3.5 Edition, and 4th Edition once again saw a slight decrease.

  3. That's exactly what Maid is; a sort of lolita anime thing. Ugh.

  4. From their website "Maid is an light comedy anime-themed tabletop role-playing game for three or more players...Maid is also the first ever Japanese role-playing game to be translated and released in English."

  5. Doesn't seem right to lump all Warhammer (Fantasy, 40k, Dark Herasy) into one listing and divide D&D (or separate RuneQuest & Call of Cthulu).

    1. Agreed. Combining all of the Star Wars games also seems odd.

      On the other hand, I like the idea of D&D and its derivatives being divided up somehow...I just don't know what kind of division would actually work.

      I'm also with the others who are glad to see BFRPG on here as prominently as it is.

  6. I think that the numbers for Cyberpunk 2020 is kinda great 😊 I've always thought that game was good but got outdated pretty quick...

    And that a indie game like Dungeon World is ranked #11 before some really big hitters is also kinda cool IMHO

  7. I'd take a Maid game over a 3.PF game any day of the week.
    At least Maid players will admit that their game system of choice is kinda shitty.

  8. Good to see the BFRPG is doing well. That game seems to be overlooked by a lot of the OSR conversations, which is too bad.

    1. I wonder if BX is wrapped into the BFRPG folder.

  9. The guys over at the System Mastery podcast did a hilarious review of Maid, should you be so inclined to take a listen:


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