Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bundle of Holding - Fat Dragon Terrain Sets (Print and Play Model Terrain)

There are times I really wish I had a face to face gaming group. I could break out my Dwarven Forge dungeon walls, some Fat Dragon paper terrain and my multitude of unpainted Reaper Bones and just have at it.

Alas, until the lad moves out I won't have the room to even start displaying some of this stuff let alone use it in game, but a man can dream, can't he?

Looking for something less expensive (and less heavy) than Dwarvenite? Fat Dragon has you covered with the Fat Dragon Terrain Sets at Bundle of Holding.

Damn, Ravenfell: Sewers includes rats. I wonder if there is a pile of 2,000 CPs there too?


  1. Tom Tullis is good peeps. When he learned my first wife had passed away, he waited until I returned to the Troll Lord Games boards and sent me a bunch of free Fat Dragon stuff. Actions like little merciful likenesses are never forgotten.


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