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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Non-Announcement Announcement

Today got derailed when Rach and I finally settled in to watch some Stranger Things on Netflix. Rach wasn't too sure going into the first episode. A full season later we finally were done.

In the middle of that I was informed of some exciting news... that I can't announce until later this week. I'm bursting at the seems! Trust me. It will be worth the wait. I'm psyched :)

Later on tonight I'll be putting together an OSR highlight page of Mythos related products on sale at RPGNow. There's some damn good stuff there, but putting together that post is a bit time consuming, and as Stranger Things consumed the whole afternoon I'm only getting to it now.


  1. Way to bait the hook! If I was still a kid the suspense would kill me. But now-a-days I will forget that... what were we talking about?

    1. That's the advantage of getting older-so many nice surprises.
      [I've ordered stuff from Amazon, and two days later find myself wondering what this package on my doorstep is.]

  2. Stranger Things rocks! While I wasn't able to watch it in one day, it was done in two. Hope things are going well for you and Rach.

    1. Rach and I are doing well, The Boy is engaged. We may find time to visit come the spring ;)

  3. I had to stretch watching Stranger Things over three days. It was painful....

    1. You didn't like Stranger Things? My group of friends have been getting together once a week to watch an episode and we're loving it so far. This week we finally get to the last episode.



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