Friday, February 5, 2016

OD&D Supplement I: Greyhawk $4.99 in PDF

Sure, the new cover art sucks but that's not the point

Color me surprised.

Quickly on the heels of the Original Dungeons & Dragons Boxed set releasing in PDF we now have Supplement I: Greyhawk in PDF for $4.99

What's next? Gamma World 1e?

Wait, that would be pretty cool...


  1. Releasing the Gamma World rules and adventures would be really, REALLY awesome!

  2. I'd love that. Gamma World 1E was my first RPG and is currently the only game I still have my original copy of from my entry into the hobby....complete with 10 year old hand-writing in the margins and everything.

  3. Replies
    1. In case you didn't already know Star Frontiers has been legally available in PDF for a few years now. And check out the ezine starfrontiersman

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